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Why Redact Documents Anyway?

Why Redact Documents Anyway?

Why Redact Documents Anyway?

The method behind the madness of marking up classified documents

Excluding private information from sensitive documents is something every business owner needs to consider, from the small business owner to the head of top government agencies. Even your documents may need to be redacted for legal reasons or to protect important client information.

Redaction is the practice of removing or concealing parts of a document before it is published or shared with someone. Most people are likely familiar with redaction through television shows about government agencies and spies.

But it’s not just the government who needs to redact documents. Attorneys routinely redact portions of documents they need to turn over during the discovery process, and you may need to hide personal details of a client, like a social security number or medical history, before sharing a document with an outside party.

The main reason to redact documents is to protect sensitive information, but let’s look at the many reasons you should consider our document redaction services.

1. Protect Material about Ongoing Investigations

If you work in a government office or police department, you may need to redact information that could influence or affect ongoing investigations and cases.

2. It’s Classified

It sounds like something said in a spy movie, but material gathered by intelligence agencies would need to be redacted if shared with another agency or with officials without proper clearance. Reasons for Redacting Documents

3. You Don’t Want to Share Proprietary Information

If your business has created a product or software that is proprietary, you’ll want to redact any information that could count as “a trade secret,” especially before you’ve patented your invention.

4. HIPAA Compliance

If your business is in the medical field, you need to comply with HIPAA guidelines for protecting personal health information of patients and clients. You’d need to redact personally-identifying information like medical history in order to remain compliant.

Put the Marker Down & Partner with IMS

Our document redaction software solution will automatically redact pre-determined fields like social security numbers. We work alongside our clients to generate a list of given phrases that must always be redacted.

Get an efficient way to redact documents from a company you can trust. Call IMS today to talk about your document redaction needs.


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