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Help the Environment, Stop Identity Theft, and Destroy Your Sensitive Commercial Documents!


• Locked consoles or carts placed throughout your business
• Scheduled pick-up dates
• Large purge shredding for documents that reached their retention period
• Secure and environmentally shredding of everyday paperwork
• We pulverize, bale, and ship the destroyed documents to a contracted paper mill for recycling
• Issue you a Certificate of Destruction for auditing purposes


At Paper Free Office Solutions, we can dispose of your sensitive documentation in a way that not only ensures your documents will never be compromised by a breach but through Paper Free Office Solutions’ recycling efforts, the end result of our paper shredding process will be safe for the environment.




Safe and Secure Disposal


We understand that certain documents cannot simply be placed in a garbage can or recycling bin due to their sensitive nature. The potential dangers of sensitive info getting into the hands of the wrong person can be catastrophic. Also, regulatory compliance is critical for your business, whether you’re in the medical field (HIPAA), lending/credit (Red Flags), education (FERPA) or others such fields concerned with preventing any type of breach, let the professionals handle this for you!


Protecting the Environment as Well as Your Customer’s Identity


Paper Free Office Solutions is not only concerned with making sure your documents are disposed of in a secure manner, but also that it is done in a way that helps the environment.


Let our professional team handle your document shredding needs.