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Secure Paper & Document Shredding Services

Document Paper Shredding Services

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Improve Productivity & Be More Organized with IMS Shredding

Whether you need a one-time document shredding solution or want to set up a monthly paper purge, IMS can help securely destroy and recycle the documents piling up in your office.


We are certified by the National Association for Information Destruction, and we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for all shredded documents.

Benefits of Using a Bulk Shredding Service

Secure document shredding services are essential for protecting sensitive business information, but that isn’t the only thing a professional shredding company can do for your business.

Save Time (and Money) by Scheduling Shredding Services

Depending on how many business documents you go through a month, shredding the documents in-house with a smaller shredder is going to take up unnecessary time. When you shred your documents in the office, you end up paying your employees to feed three pieces of paper at a time into a shredder rather then paying them to generate revenue for your business.


Partnering with a professional document shredding service frees up your staff to be more productive with their time.

Free Up Space

If you’re shredding documents yourself, you need space for the paper shredder (or two, depending on how much you need to shred), bags for the paper waste, and a place to store those bags until trash day rolls around.


When you schedule office document shredding services, IMS will give you a shred bin or shred cart to place all the documents you need shredded, and we’ll come pick it up for you on a regular basis.

Confidential Recycling

If you shred your documents in the office, it might be too risky to set them aside along with regular recycling. It’s possible they could be stolen by people hoping to gain access to confidential information while the bags are sitting on the curb.


As a part of our secure document shredding services, IMS Shredding incorporates recycling into our shredding process without compromising confidentiality. We ensure your information is protected through both the shredding and recycling process.

Certified and Secure to Reduce Liability

If you have a legal obligation to maintain privacy standards for your clients or for HIPAA, you must regulate and enforce those standards during the disposal process, which can be difficult to do with a small office shredder under someone’s desk.


A National Association for Information Destruction AAA-certified shredding service like IMS Shredding complies with all privacy protection standards. Our team also reduces any further liability risks for your business by providing you with a Certificate of Destruction with proof of date, time, and method of destruction.

What Can We Shred?

Our bulk shredding machines can shred a great deal of paper products at once, and while there are certain items we cannot accept (see below), there are common items you do not need to remove:

  • Staples
  • Paper clips

What We Cannot Shred

There are certain items that our paper shredders cannot destroy, and the items will harm our machines. We reserve the right to reject any material that is unfit of our shredding and recycling process in order to maintain our machines.

When you schedule your document shredding services, please be sure to remove the following:

  • Three ring binders
  • Metals
  • Plastic
  • Batteries
  • Non-paper items such as trash
  • Paper products with food on it
  • Wet or moldy material
  • Metal hanging folders
  • Spiral bound notebooks

Why Choose IMS for Shredding Services?

IMS is a locally-owned and certified document shredding service provider operating in Missouri. We offer services throughout the Show-Me State, including Jefferson CityColumbiaLake of Ozarks and Mexico.



Our team is here to help you improve your workflow and protect your privacy, so you can focus on the more important things. Whether you want a one-off shredding service, or you want to schedule a monthly document shredding service call, we can accommodate you.



Contact us today and one of our team members will be in touch with you soon to schedule shredding services

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