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messy office

When you’re watching a nature documentary on caves, you expect to see stunning stalactites and stalagmites, maybe an odd animal or two that can only see things in the dark. You’ll definitely see some bats. What wouldn’t you expect to see? Filing cabinets full of documents gathering dust. Where are you most likely to find this illusive creature? You’ll find them in so-called “modern” offices, even though there...

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Making An Office Green

Do you want to save money and energy in your office? Becoming environmentally conscious could be the key to achieving both. Sustainability is important to make this world habitable for as long as possible. There are simple steps that even the most complicated offices can start implementing to be friendlier to the planet. Tips for an environmentally friendly office. Print Less An easy way to begin having an environmentally...

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What is Document Management

Document management systems involve the design of an entire system of workflows. The system enables the efficient and systematic creation of electronic documents. The purpose of this re-build of office systems is to store, and effectively catalog, documents for later use. Once documents are digitized, logic-based applications in the system can assemble and reassemble original documents to order. This is achieved by combining cataloged sections of...

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8 Tips to Organize Office

Do You Have a Cluttered Office? Here Are 8 Tips to Organize Your Workspace Have you been feeling stressed or unfocused at work lately? You may be taking longer to complete your assignments, which can cause even more work to pile up, and leave you feeling more stressed than before. Take a second to look around your workspace. Do you have piles of clutter laying around? That...

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Paper Free Office Solutions and MDC Project

Information Management & Securities, LLC (IMS), a company located in Mexico, MO, is proud to announce that they have completed an awarded contract for the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). Using their advanced document scanning solution, a total of 14,000 construction drawings have been scanned and converted into digital data that has now been fully uploaded to the MDC FileBound site which was provided by...

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Document Scanning Services

Is your business burning through resources because of the amount of paper you consume? Did you know that more than $930 million gets wasted on unnecessary printing costs? It's time you considered having your documents scanned. Scanning documents is a solution that saves you time and resources while keeping your information safe and secured. The great thing is that the benefits go beyond personal use, and your business...

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