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“Time is money.” It’s the cliché everyone in business knows to be true—it’s a cliché for a reason. The “every moment can be monetized” mindset leads business owners to push employees for peak efficiency at work. One massive gap in efficiency that most businesses overlook is their document management capabilities. If they spent the time now to use bulk document scanning services or software, they would save...

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farmers and technology

It used to be that farmers had to sow their fields with a plow pulled by oxen, but now they have industrialized tractors and specialized seeds that help them grow the best crop possible. It's easy to assume that farming is a quaint industry that never changes, but in reality, farmers are constantly switching to new technologies and changing their habits for the benefit of...

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How Document Digitization Can Help You Find the File You Need in Seconds Instead of Hours & Keep Your Work Day Moving Productivity and efficiency are everything when it comes to your bottom line. If your employees are spending a significant amount of time (sometimes, even hours!) searching for the right document in a disorganized filing cabinet you’re doing it wrong, and it costs your business...

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When the public school district in the small Missouri town of Mexico needed services to cut down on paper-based processing of documents in its central office, employees didn’t have far to look. The district’s shredding service was already in place with IMS, a business located just across town. “We are required to keep our students’ and employees’ information confidential,” Stephanie Norris, business manager, said. “With the bulk...

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