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Client Testimonials

IMS Shredding Client Testimonials

I had several boxes of old files that were ready for shredding. I called one company twice, and they gave me a confirmation number both times, scheduled the pickup, but never showed up. Then I called a large national shred company, they gave me the price, but it was four times what IMS Shredding quoted me, and they could not give me an exact pickup time until the day before they were coming. IMS Shredding gave me a great price and an exact time they would meet me. It was a great experience.

Pam Hopke, Owner – Hopke Accounting

I chose IMS for my office’s document shredding and document image consulting because I trust they will safeguard our documents and provide solutions that help us make our work day and our office more efficient and focused.

Jacob Shellabarger, Audrain County Prosecuting Attorney

IMS Shredding is always there when you need them the most, always friendly and dedicated to providing outstanding service.

Kym Huemann, Audrain County Ambulance District